How to insert a small egg into our Easter Egg Holders


If you have landed directly on this page this means you have bought one of our pre-assembled Easter Egg Holders and would like to know how to insert your small egg.

Easter Bunny with Small Easter Egg Holders

Below You Will Find a Video Tutorial & a Step by Step Tutorial.

Video Tutorial



Step by Step Tutorial

1. Locate your Egg and Holder and have them ready to go!

2. Take the Egg Holder and gently squeeze it open

3. Rotate your egg 90 degrees so that it is lying sideways

4. Gently slide the egg into the holder

5. Slowly rotate the egg so it is standing upright

6. Gently reposition the egg so it looks like the above photo's and the egg holder is standing upright.

7. Gift the Egg with Egg Holder to your recipient.

If you have any questions please comment below or contact me via social media or my Etsy store and I will endeavour to help you.


Published Friday, March 05, 2021