How to create your own Pastel Painted Pumpkins for Halloween

Anyone who follows my Facebook or Instagram pages will probably know that my latest project has been painting pumpkins in pretty pastels ready for Halloween.

I am so happy with how they have come out so I created this tutorial so that you can do it too - I hope you have fun making them.

Pastel Decorated Pumpkins

A Note about this project

This is not a quick project - please allow yourself several days to make due to time required for drying coats. Please also make sure you have space to store your pumpkins whilst they dry between coats



Matt Mod Podge

Paintbrushes (I have separate ones for the Mod Podge and for painting)

Paint supplies (water, pallette for paint)

Acrylic Craft Paints - I used these PEBEO ones from Hobbycraft - they were with the MDF letters in the shop.

Either a stencil or vinyl stickers to decorate - Mine are available to purchase from my etsy shop here.

Masking tape (to transfer vinyl stickers)

Pastel Pumpkin Tutorial

Great Let's Get Started

1. First things first, give your pumpkins a wipe down to remove any loose dirt.

2. Using the mod podge apply a good layer to the top and sides of your pumpkin and when dry turn over and apply a layer to the bottom and again wait for it to dry. (I leave mine overnight or for at least 4 hours.

Pumpkin Prep

3. Apply your first coat of paint to the top and sides of your pumpkin and then wait for it to dry - I found this took 3-4 hours. Turn the pumpkin upside down and apply a coat to the bottom of the pumpkin.

Pumpkin 1st coat

4. Once your first coat is dry it's time to add another coat so repeat step 3.

Pumpkins 2 coats

5. When you are happy with the paint coverage it's time to seal the paint - this helps to reduce the likelihood of the paint peeling off and also helps if you are applying vinyl.

Pumpkin Sealing

Time To Add Your Personalised Decorations

If you are using a stencil - 

Use lo-tack masking tape to hold your stencil in place then paint over the stencil design, you may need a few coats. Once dry remove the tape holding the stencil in place.

If you want to apply vinyl stickers - (If you use someone else's vinyl please take care as the transfer tapes are very sticky and can take the pumpkin off if removed - ask the seller to not apply a transfer sheet and get yourself some cheap lo-tack masking tape instead (sold in supermarket DIY sections, craft shops, diy shops etc.)

1. Cover the vinyl design with masking tape and rub this down onto the design using a scraper or credit card

Masking tape on vinyl

2. Gently peel the masking tape with the vinyl on from the backing paper - if the vinyl has not stuck you may want to rub (finger press) the tape above the design and peel again. Sometimes if if have a particularly stubborn piece I slightly pry the vinyl off the transfer paper with my fingers or a pair of tweexers to get it started and this usually works.

Masking tape design

3. Position the design (on the tape) onto your pumpkin

Tape on pumpkin

4. Start from one side, gently rub the design to encourage it to stick to the pumpkin and very slowly (to prevent paint coming off) peel back the masking tape leaving the vinyl on the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Peel

5. if any of the vinyl isn't fully stuck onto the pumpkin just rub it gently, you can also smooth it out in this way.

and then?


Stand back and admire your hardwork, share it on instagram or facebook and don't forget to tag us in the post so that we can see them too.


Published Tuesday, October 20, 2020