What's in a name? Creating a name for your business.

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Last year, when I decided to start a new business one of the first hurdles I came across was coming up with a name.

I knew I wanted to make custom and personalised gifts and I wanted a name that represented that but I also didn't want to be restricted by the name and wanted to be add to the business as it grew without having to change the name or re-brand.

I also didn't want to use my name, I wanted something that sounded fun and interesting.

So where did the name Jolliepop Creations come from?

I decided it would be nice to incorporate my children's names into my business in some way especially as one of the early products was baby clothes. 

My nickname for my youngest son Ollie (Oliver) is Ollipop (like Lollipop) as he's so sweet, I decided I liked the sound of that but I wanted to include my eldest son Jack's name so I took the "J" and Ollipop became Jolliepop. I like the sound of Jolliepop because it sounds "Jolly", happy and upbeat and it was just a great name. 

Originally, I was going to use the name Jolliepop Designs but it didn't feel quite right and then I came across a business with "Creations" in the name - it was perfect and thats how Jolliepop Creations came about.

How to name your business

Are you trying to find a name for your business?

Here are some ideas to help you come up with your business name:

Hopefully this will have inspired you to come up with a name for your business and if you are intending to join Etsy you can use this link to get 40 free listings.

Let me know your business name (and leave your links!) in the comments below along with how you came up with your business.

Published Saturday, January 30, 2021